Man using an air paint sprayer to paint a exterior wall

Paint Sprayer Buying Guide For Beginners

Painting is very time-consuming even if you are using a roller brush, not to mention the added stress on your shoulder and joints. If you are thinking about buying a paint sprayer to make painting easier but are overwhelmed with all the different types and options, this paint sprayer buying guide is for you.

I’ll help you decide what kind of paint sprayer you want or need for the project you have planned or started. Different sprayers work better depending on the paint type and surface you plan on panting on. For example, some paint sprayers aren’t able to handle latex-based paints. Some sprayers can cover an entire wall very quickly but struggle on smaller, more precise things.

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Effort Required

Many people prefer lightweight paint sprayers that don’t have a heavy compressor motor or paint reservoir. From personal experience, most electric paint sprayers fall into the harder to work with because everything is in your hand. This includes the motor, paint reservoir, and the plastic housing to protect all that. The other paint sprayers do not have this problem.

Electric paint sprayers, however, can be wireless, so you don’t have to worry about a wire. HVLP, LVLP, and gravity-fed sprayers have an air tube the connects from the sprayer to an air compressor or air tank. While air sprayers are lighter, they will always require an air hose. This hose isn’t substantial, and you will not notice it as much after painting for an hour or so. People will most often go for the electric sprayer because most buyers don’t have an air compressor.

Make Painting Easy

Whenever you’re painting, you might want accuracy and even coverage over fast and widespread coverage. For instance, when I paint fences or external things, I won’t bother with trying to make it perfect. I’ll set the paint gun to a narrow width with a heavy spray and quickly paint each fence post.

Interior walls and furniture; however, I will spend time trying to make sure the paint sprayer settings are perfect. I will do a few practice strokes on newspaper or cardboard to make sure not to much paint is coming out, and the working width is okay.

Paint sprayers have multiple settings that allow you to choose the width of the paint spray, amount of paint sprayed out, or even horizontal/vertical spraying shape. These settings can help you paint large walls quickly or touch up a spot your car’s paint.

Finally, not all paint sprayers have the same settings or options. Make sure you choose the paint sprayer with the settings and options you think you may need for your project. I hope this paint sprayer buying guide has been helpful for you.

Additional Paint Sprayer Buying Guide Tips

  • Buy one around Christmas, Prices usually go up in spring when people start planning and doing projects.
  • If you think you will only use it once, look into renting one for your project. This way can save you a ton of money and get you a premium paint sprayer model.

Image by Grzegorz_Skibka from Pixabay

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